Making of King Size Heart

Making the video for King Size Heart was such a great experience. It is the first real video I made to a song of my own.  I’ve always imagined the song to have an accompanying dance, but a dance simple enough for anyone that after a couple of tries could do.



I like dancing, but I’m not a choreographer, so I asked my friend Monti Smith who is an amazing dancer if she might be inspired by the song to come up with some hot moves.

And did she ever! She totally came up with a fun simple dance based on the elements in the song, and sent a phone vid of the dance and a step by step version of the dance. Katie and I bumped into each other learning the dance but pretty soon we had it down.



I found a really great videographer named Doug Frerichs to help me flesh out my vision and shoot / edit the video.  I wanted the video to follow loosely the story in the video but not really.  I wanted to have shots of us in our van in the forest and also shots of our home life here in the belly of Hollywood. Mostly I wanted it to catch the vibe of the song, and then break into fun and jubilant dance.



Doug was down, Katie was down too. We had to shoot over the weekend, a day in LA and a half day in the Angeles National Forest. And we had to find dancers and bomb athletic wear.



Luckily great friends, mostly already rocking bomb athletic wear and knowing the dance,  showed up in a park overlooking downtown LA to dance with Katie and me. They had such style, and we had soooo much fun.  I mean I wish I met friends to dance in the park everyday.  On top of this we had friends drive out to the forest to dance with us the next day. They brought their dog “Maybe” and everything.



After the shoot was over Doug edited crazy fast and man I’ve been biting my nails waiting to show you the video! It is fun y’all, and pretty genuine. That is our van [in the video] and we spend a lot of time in it. That is also our tiny home and that alley is behind our house and it is all real…  especially the dancing.

Hope you dig! Thanks to all who helped in the making of this fine piece. Love & Peace!

-Sounding Arrow

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